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In this little guide you can read about the different features of the IWTO Congress Mobile App

Schedule – Under Schedule you find the detailed Programme of the IWTO Congress including details about speakers, sessions, coffee breaks and evening events. To plan your own schedule you can press on the little ‘star’ icon labelled ‘Favorite’. This will add the particular session to your individual schedule which you can find under ‘My Schedule’.

Speakers – All speakers of the IWTO Congress can be found here with their full details.

Attendees – Find each and every attendee listed here. By clicking on an attendee’s name you can send them a message, add to your contacts or arrange a meeting.

Activity Feed – On the activity feed you will see the latest announcements and sessions in progress. When you also login to your twitter account through the app you will also see the latest tweets from the IWTO Congress.  

Sponsors – You can check out all of the IWTO Congress 2017 sponsors and connect with them directly through the app or access their website.

Session Q&A – If you wish to submit a question during one of the Congress sessions, you may do so through the app. The IWTO team and moderator will be monitoring the questions coming through and pass them on to the panelists of the session.

Messaging – You can send messages directly through the app to any of the other attendees. This will make it easy to set up meetings and connect with your business prospects during the event.

Speak Out – This is our commentary area where you can post comments visible for everyone to see in the app. Let us know what your thoughts are on some of the sessions. Share with us interesting questions or start a debate. This is the place to do it.

What’s On – When you click on this menu item, you will see which session is currently in progress.

Gallery – Share with us your photos during the event in this menu item.

Documents – Here you find relevant documents that you may find useful during the event, like this little mobile app guide.

Venues – This year’s Congress is spread across several venues. You can find all addresses under this Venue menu item.

Surveys – Please tell us what you think of the event or certain sessions by filling in our surveys.

Community – Let others know about your experience at the IWTO Congress through your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter account. You can easily manage your social media posts within the app by logging into your social media accounts through the app under this community menu item.

Member Area – Do you know the IWTO Member Area already? This is the place where all IWTO Working Group files, Market Information and other resources can be found. You also made your event registration through the Member Area. Via this menu item you can log into the member area site. Contact any of the IWTO staff if you don’t remember your login details (they are different to your mobile app details).

My Profile – Please complete your profile with your contact details and photo. This will make it easier for other people to find you and connect with you.

My Notes – If you wish to take some notes during the event, you can store these under this menu item.

My Briefcase – When you add a document from the menu item Documents, it will appear here.

My Schedule – When you tagged certain sessions as favorites or arranged meetings through the app, they will appear here and give you a good overview of where you need to be next.

Game Center – Let’s have a little bit of fun. We want to encourage you to use the mobile app as much as possible so that you make the most of the event. Therefore, whenever you do a certain activity in the app you gain points. We will nominate a winner with the most points at the end of the Congress.

Info Booth – If there is important information that you need to have access to, we will make it available in this Info Booth menu item.


If you have any issues logging in contact the IWTO staff at or find us during the event, we will be happy to help you out!



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